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About Wine Outlook

This site is your go-to for answers about wine, courtesy of someone in the business. Firsthand knowledge and hours of research logged each week provide informed and impassioned suggestions for what wine to serve with meals (sometimes with recipes), places to go for education or fun, and what to buy or not buy. Wine Outlook is where you go when you’ve had too much to drink or not enough.

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  • The Benefits of Pomegranate Juice
    Pomegranate tea is not only a great tasting tea it is also packed with antioxidants and health-benefits not found in other fruit teas or even juices. Try these two pomegranate juice recipes and add [...]
  • Drinks galore
    The only alcohol in my day has been the last bit of blackberry liqueur I drank so I could wash the jar and make way for the medlar liqueur. I think I need more pretty bottles. They can wait, [...]
  • The joy of still more drinks
    I don't intend to be unpredictable in my blogging. It's rather like my life, though, which has more than its share of not knowing what will happen until the day arrives. This is a shame, [...]
  • Words and more words, some of them quite yummy, some ... not
    I'm taking a break from drinking. I promise to get back to it, though, and write more curiously influenced posts. Today I have two things to talk about: search terms and one of the community [...]
  • Speaking of People You Want to See at Rosenblum...
    is back!! When I began my job at , there were a few things people asked about on a regular basis: when would the St. Peter's Church be available, when was the next Open House, and how was Miguel [...]
  • A little break in the weather
    I'll finish my drinks test tomorrow night. Today it's all too much for me: I look at the array of bottles and think I shall never touch liquor again. More than that, I think I shall have an [...]
  • The Peanut Butter Diet, Does it Work?
    People love peanut butter, unless, of course you have an allergy to peanuts. Americans, as a whole consume 800 million pounds of peanut butter a year. Even if you don't have an allergy, you may [...]
  • Rosenblum: It's All About the People
    Tuesday after work, we had a baby shower for Sean and his wife, Jolie. They are expecting their first baby May 23, though Jolie and the doctor think little Harper may come into the world a bit [...]
  • Status report and Chocolate Ricotta muffins
    My garage freezer inventory: * 1 9”x 13” pan of eggplant parmesan * 3/4 of a large baked ziti in three portions * 2 8-cup containers vegetable soup * 1 3-quart and 1 [...]
  • Me, I'm not drunk.
    My second drink of the day (I'm really beginning to sound like a chronic tippler, aren't I?) is # 8. It's a little sour, but even more refreshing than the mint ones. I think I'm going to have [...]

Hot Off The Press

  • Weekend Roundup
    Hey guys! I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing weekend! There are a few photos from this weekend that I caught but didn't really get a chance to put up, so I figured Monday morning would be [...]
  • Reminder: Crafty U Giveaway
    Don't forget to enter the Watching the View Crafty U giveaway. I know many of you entered via the comment method, but don't forget that you can also gain an entry by linking to my contest from [...]
  • The Mad Dog Gets His 300th
    In spite of all the drug crap that has been going on in the sports world, there's one guy who we may be certain that might not ever be dragged into the debate -- Greg Maddux. This weekend, he [...]
  • Grab a Bunch for Your Kidneys
    Eating four of these a week can cut your kidney-cancer risk in half. Hint: You need to peel it. Yep, we're talking bananas. They're bursting with phenolic compounds that appear to thwart [...]
  • D.C. Photo of the Day
    National Museum of Natural History, April 2008 Photographer: Kjersti Wasiak While you may notice most Photo of the Day posts feature photos taken by me, I encourage others to submit their [...]
  • Photo Gallery: Florida Marlins vs. Washington Nationals; May 9th, 2008 -- Washington, D.C.
    Florida Marlins vs. Washington Nationals; May 8th, 2008 -- Washington, D.C. [...]
  • Haiti Trip #3 -- Visiting
    On the 1st of May 2005, I arrived in Haiti for the third time in 14 months. My mother-in-law traveled with me. It was a wonderful opportunity for her to become acquainted with the homeland of her [...]
  • Keuchel Named SEC Pitcher of the Week
    Sophomore Dallas Keuchel was named the Southeastern Conference Pitcher of the Week on Monday afternoon after his brilliant start on Sunday secured a series sweep of #13 South Carolina at Baum [...]
  • Ryan Gosling Takes Time to Speak Up for Chicks
    If Ryan Gosling has time to write a letter expressing his concern for animals, even while working abnormally long days on movie sets, then we should be able to find a few minutes to do the [...]
  • Evangelical group issues a manifesto
    I don't know about you, but when I see the word "manifesto" I get curious. And then I saw this headline. What in the world was a group of evangelical Christians issuing a manifesto about? It [...]