Blacksmoke - the future Sound of Mu Mu

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Autor: the BSO
Datum: 2007-10-30 22:01 UTC
To: klf
Betreff: [KLF] Blacksmoke - the future Sound of Mu Mu (2007 What the fuck’s now going on ?)


when do you like Mu(sic) try this

Blacksmoke - the future Sound of Mu Mu (2007 What the fuck’s now going on ?)

01. Waldo’s Hawaiian Holiday (A Texas Tale Of Treason)
02. Armed Love ((International) Noise Conspiracy)
03. Cosy Prison (A-Ha)
04. We Used To Be Friends (Dandy Warhols)
05. Hannah Have A Guinness (Prada Meinhof)
06. Died For A Day (Les Six)
07. Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo (Bloodhound Gang)
08. RnB (Goldie Lookin Chain)
09. Shh…Put The Shiv To My Throat (Gay For Johnny Depp)
10. Mannequin (Cradle Of Filth)
11. Waldo’s Hawaiian Holiday (A Texas Tale Of Treason)(Smog Remix)
12. Gimpo Gimpo (FvM)
14. Blacksmoke Rising (PTM Mix)
15. Fuck The Fucking Fuckers
16. My Fucking Heart Will Go On
17. Gimpo Gimpo (Kompressor Radio Edit)
18. Silent Night (BBC Session Mix)
01. Silent Night
02. I’m Dreaming Of A Black Xmas
03. Fear No Evil
04. BBC Radio 1 Session
05. Gimpo’s M25 25 Hour Spin 2005
06. Fuck The Fucking Fuckers (EP)
07. Herbie (Fully Loaded Remix)
08. Herbie Vs Nascar
Blacksmoke Rising (Frater Plecticus’s Power Of Nightmares Remix)

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thanks for your interest

the BSO

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