Sweet Candy Bullets
by Chemical Waves
Product: Sweet Candy Bullets
Format: 3 High quality MP3s

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Track number Title Duration
1. Sweet Candy Bullets 3:42
2. Wraith 2:37
3. Sweet Candy Bullets (Tsidmz Remix) 5:02
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1 May 2012
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"Sweet candy bullets" is an American history made of murders, suspects, false leads, sex, love, peace and racism. Three prominent figures in history such as Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe are connected by a sad fate and a series of links that are still discussing after many years. Conspiracy theories, confessions, images and evidence of a critical years in America of sixties. The single also include a b-side called "Wraith", a song full of mystery, a dark and dense fog...a place where dancing the ghosts of the past. There is a special martial-noise remix made by Tsidmz.

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