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» Abgelegt von Falk am 15.11.2006 8:32 unter: Creative Commons, Kommerz, Music, Management, darkerradio |

Da rechts hat grad ein dicker fetter Button seinen Platz gefunden.

It’s once again time to show your support for Creative Commons. Digital technologies are connecting people in ways that were never before possible – but that network is fragile. Creative Commons needs your support to help enable a participatory culture – a culture in which everyone can actively engage in the creativity that surrounds us. We need your support to assure access to cultural, scientific, and educational content that has been pre-cleared for use by its authors.

Also spenden, Merchandising kaufen oder den Buttonlink im Blog anbringen. Alles hilft …


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Der Song ist von der “Alpination”-Compilation des Netlabels Alpinechic.

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