Vavrek - Revolt

Vavrek, einer der Protagonisten von t r y ^ d, fickt nicht nur virtuell die Musikindustrie (vergleiche Lyrics zu Struttin’), sondern macht auch immer wieder vor, was Free Culture in seinen Augen bedeutet. Auf Basis des Instrumentals “Standard Size” (MP3|OGG)1 von ML, entstand so die neue und unglaublich aggressive Demo “Revolt”.2

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god damn your holy war
fucking oil we’re fighting for

will jesus save your souls
killers for world control

how dare you threaten us
acting like you’re so tough

all will be revealed today
you have real hell to pay

hypocrites with terror talk
9 1 1 was an inside job

just some sick twisted plan
dying in blood stained sand

lies and crimes beyond belief
faithful flock is losing sheep

behive live with swarming bees
better pray get on your knees

dictators get a clue
we are all through with you

cia nwo
liberate guantanamo

fbi fcc
just try to silence me

will we ever understand
such greed inside these men

corporate master tyranny
homeland security

fascist mock democracy
planetary slavery



rise up

be free

time to rub your smiling face
in this awful mess you made

hate to rain on your parade
we will never be afraid

darkness only turns to light

death only turns to life

war only turns to peace

we are free

can’t you see



inside of me

  1. “Standard Size” ist unter der Creative Commons Namensnennung-Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 1.0 lizensiert []
  2. “Revolt” ist unter der Creative Commons Namensnennung-Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 2.0 lizensiert []

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3 Meinungen ↓

#1 vavrek am 25.05.2007 gegen 00:54


thank you!

power to us all_

#2 Chris am 25.05.2007 gegen 01:10

Down with neocons!



#3 Falk am 25.05.2007 gegen 01:12

Down with neocons!

Thats the right words for that stupid things all over the world ;)

well it’s really cool how vavrek show people and musicians an other way to wake up the people.