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T3CHN0PH0B1A - Albedo Level 0%


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  1. Ctrl+Alt+Del For A Better Future (MP3)
  2. Aliena Ferox [Format Race *.*] (MP3)
  3. F.I.A.T. [Finding Improved Alien Technology] (MP3)
  4. Wrapped In Eternit (MP3)
  5. H.T.M.L. [Heavenly Territories Might Lie] (MP3)

(2004 | Lizenz | archive.org)


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Flesh-Resonance: Aeon EP

aeon frontTracklist:

  1. Spirits Cast In Stone (MP3)
  2. Acropolis (MP3)
  3. The Worlds You Wake (MP3)
  4. Sun-Dog (MP3)
  5. Aeon (MP3)

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Aeon cover front | Aeon cover back | Aeon CD label

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Punish Yourself - Rock N’ Roll Machine

Punish Yourself - Behind The City LightsTracklist:

  1. Slinky / No One To Talk With 3.71MB
  2. Rock N’ Roll Machine 3.39MB
  3. Suck My TV 6.43MB
  4. Gimme Cocaine 2.96MB
  5. I Like It 3.39MB
  6. Night Of The Hunter 3.31MB
  7. Old-Brother-Left-Hand 3.53MB
  8. Nightclub 3.52MB
  9. Bikini Bitch 1.27MB
  10. Salvation Is A Last Minute Business / Soul Power Hunter 3.50MB
  11. They Don’t Want You 3.50MB

CD Artwork 2.49MB

(Live takes from 2K1 - 2K3. No Sleep Til It Kills! | Quelle)

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